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To call a TUTS staff member, please dial 713.558.(extension). To reach the receptionist, please dial 713.558.2600.

Executive Staff

John C. Breckenridge
President & CEO

Bruce Lumpkin
Artistic Director 

Bob Lawson
Director, Administration and Education
Ext. 2620

Gina Sullivan
Director, Development 
Ext. 2655

Joel Szulc
Director, Finance 
Ext. 2631
David Greiss
Director, Sales and Marketing 
Ext. 2660


Patrick Plunk
Manager, Administration
Ext. 8821 

Rob Ellis III
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Ext. 2641 

Ally McGehee
Ext. 0 

Financial Operations

Karen Jacobsen
Coordinator, Accounts Payable
Ext. 2634 

Lynne Fredrichsen
Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits
Ext. 2632


Mary Beth Mosley
Assistant Director, Development 
Ext. 2651

Elizabeth DeWerff
Manager, Corporate Relations 
Ext. 2658

Elizabeth Weiss
Assistant Director, Special Events
Ext. 2656

Faye Hosein
Manager, Donor Records
Ext. 2652

Isabel Nart
Manager, Institutional Giving
Ext. 2606

Caitlin Donahoe
Assistant Manager, Development 
Ext. 2659

Ashley Ward 
Associate, Development
Ext. 2648



Christian Brown
Assistant Director, Marketing
Ext. 2653

Caroline Timm
Assistant Manager, PR and Marketing
Ext. 2654

Scott Howard
Manager, Design and Communications
Ext. 2657

Gaby Quintana
Coordinator, Graphic Design and Marketing
Ext. 2662
Misty Robertson
Coordinator, Digital Marketing
Ext. 2664
Jillian Davis
Associate, PR and Marketing
Ext. 2663

ENCORE Boutique

Suzanne Tidwell
Manager, ENCORE Boutique
Ext. 2669


TUTS Ticket Center

Alexis Williams
Assistant Director, Ticket Services
Ext. 2666

Elizabeth England
Coordinator, Group Sales 
Ext. 8825

Evan Camp
Manager, Group Sales
Ext. 8827


Anthony Martinez
Associate Manager, Ticket Services
Ext. 8827

Production Staff

Marley Wisnoski
Associate Artistic Director
Ext. 2624

Nicole A. Young
Company Manager
Ext. 2640


Shay Rodgers
Manager, Education
Ext. 8806 

Patrice Hinson
Associate, Education - TTA/HSMT
Ext. 8804

Rozie Curtis
Manager, Education
Ext. 8805 

Mikeitta Williams
Associate, Education - CIC
Ext. 8807

Eileen Edmonds
Manager, The River

Susan Thraen
Coordinator, Education & Volunteers


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